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Seyed Mehrbod Atshani

Seyed Mehrbod Atshani

Osteopathic Practitioner

A lifelong desire to help others initiated my journey into healing work nearly 20 years ago. After graduating from Medical School, I went to rural areas of my country, where I worked as an ER doctor treating many people in need of care and medical attention. Although I enjoyed my role as a General Practitioner + ER doctor, I knew that prescribing medicine was not enough for me, and there was more to explore in the ways I could help others.

Years later, when I immigrated to Canada, I was introduced to manual Osteopathy, an alternative, holistic approach to the prescriptive medicine I had been practicing. Osteopathy teaches us the body is a self-healing unit. Osteopath highlights the close correlation between structure and function, and to recover functionality, one can tend to the structure. This was the missing link in my practice, and I was excited to integrate this modality as a means to offer more to my patients.

Osteopathy techniques enable the body to heal itself naturally. I use a combination of techniques that allow your body to regain its optimal alignment, and engage in the innate healing process. I offer a variety of manual osteopathy services; from structural Osteopathy for acute and chronic pain relief to craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulations, and pediatric sessions. Osteopathic Wellness sessions are also used as a preventive measure to keep you pain-free and enjoying life!

I love to travel, meditate outdoors, read, and write poetry.