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osteopathic manipulation

Osteopathic Manipulation

Osteopathy is a hands-on practice that reminds us that our body is a self-healing unit. Osteopathic techniques enable the body to recover itself in a natural way utilizing the correlation between structure and function. It offers the potential to reach an optimal range of motion, while enjoying a pain-free life.

Every day, our bodies try to adapt to the hundreds of physical stressors we encounter. Through this process, the body may lose its natural alignment. An Osteopath with vast knowledge about human anatomy and bio-mechanics aims to bring the body back to its natural positioning through gentle adjustments. When it's in the correct, unique alignment, the body can access its innate healing processes. Osteopathy focuses on mindfully adjusting the body out of dis-ease to restore its natural healthy status.

Osteopathy contributes positive lifestyle effects on all age demographics. From Athletes to seniors, Osteopathy offers techniques for almost all parts of the body from Cranial bones to phalangeal joints and internal organs. Adjustments assist range of motion, performance, prevent injuries, increase stamina and vitality. Craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulations, help patients with varying conditions ranging from headaches to gastrointestinal problems. Manual Osteopathic Practitioners discern areas in need, tension, and stress and use a variety of hands-on techniques to release stress and strain in your body. Valuing the interrelationships between all the systems of the body and aim to restore balance within and between the muscles, joints, bones, nerves, vessels, connective tissues, and internal organs. on Facebook
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