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chinese herbal medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal therapy works in conjunction with acupuncture by providing support for the energetic rebalancing effect of acupuncture. Chinese herbs are classified according to their energetic qualities and functions. They are defined with terms such as warming, cooling, tonifying, or detoxifying, which describe the overall energetic make-up of the herb.

The healing qualities of an herb depend on many things: cultivation, harvesting, storage, selection, discernment of quality, and the different processing methods used.

Chinese herbs are often taken in formulas rather than singly. By combining herbs, synergies have been discovered which vastly increase their effects. Also, by blending herbs, one may neutralize unwanted side effects.



Are herbs safe?

Herbs are very safe to use when they are prescribed by a knowledgeable and trained herbal practitioner and taken under close supervision. Receiving herbs from untrained personnel, such as in health food stores, is generally not good practice.


Can Chinese herbs interact with any other medication I am taking?

It is possible to have herb-drug interactions. You must notify your practitioner of any and all medications you are taking, be they prescription, or over-the-counter. It is very important to only take herbs which have been prescribed by a trained practitioner who can discern what may be a harmful combination and prescribe alternate herbs to better suit your needs.


When is the best time to take my herbs?

Herbs usually work best on an empty stomach. Allow at least a half hour after taking herbs before eating or taking additional medicine. If you are taking pills/powders, swallow them with warm water to help digest and absorb the medicine. There are exceptions which your practitioner will notify you about and instruct you on the best way to take your herbs on Facebook
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