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Chaga Hot Chocolate

I created this chaga hot chocolate recipe some years ago when I was kicking a coffee habit and wanted to replace it with something energizing, nutritious, and comforting. This drink definitely fits the bill. I call it my super elixir.

Chaga is a potent medicinal mushroom that is indigenous to many parts of the US, Canada, Russia and northern Asia. It is the very definition of a superfood.The antioxidant concentration of Chaga is statistically unrivaled among naturally occuring foods. It’s 45 times higher than acai berries, 80 times higher than pomegranates, and 1,300 times higher than blueberries!
Chaga is rich in polysaccharides, which help our body to convert food into usable energy, leaving us with more enduring & sustained mental and physical energy. It is high in Beta Glucans, which may promote white blood cell activation and catalyze the growth of healthy new skin cells.It is an adaptogen, which means that it supports your adrenal system, and aids in a positive response to stress and stress hormones. Chaga also contains a wide variety of beneficial compounds, triterpenes, minerals, phytonutrients, and vitamins. Studies on animals have shown that the betulinic acid found in Chaga can induce apoptotic death in cancer cells.

Cacao is another antioxidant rich superfood. It is also an antioxidant powerhouse. It’s packed with Magnesium and also helps with your mood.

Lucuma is an excellent alternative to sugar. It can help with balancing blood sugar and it is also an antioxidant. Lucuma is rich in complex carbohydrates and fibre. It’s optional here. You can use honey or monk fruit sweetener. Really anything that you like.
Cinnamon is also great for stabilizing your blood sugar.

Hemp hearts are an excellent source of omega 3s and the oils are great for lubricating your intestines.

2 servings

500 ml hot water
2 tsp chaga powder
2 tsp cacao powder
2 Tbs hemp hearts
2 tsp coconut oil/MCT oil OR a small handful or raw cashews
1 pinch of cinnamon
2 tsp lucuma/honey/monk fruit sweetener

Whiz this up in your blender until it’s frothy. Enjoy!

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