A healing sanctuary 

Aya Hassan

Certified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner, certified Level 2 Buddho Healing Practitioner, professional member of the Canadian Reiki Association (CRA)

Aya is a spiritual awakening guide. She supports you through your awakening as you let go of the old patterns and conditioning to embrace the new. Aya can guide you during the death of your old self when you’re dealing with a crisis or feeling loss and despair, until your authentic self is reborn. She uses her psychic and mediumship abilities, energy healing, meditation, and coaching to guide you on your healing journey. She focuses on clearing energetic blockages and enables you to increase your capacity to process your feelings and heal your inner child.

During energy healing sessions, Aya channels high-frequency healing energy to transform your physical, mental, and emotional states. As you step into your healing journey, she’ll empower you to be more awakened, raise your energy frequency, and shift your reality by attracting what you desire and achieving a state of inner wholeness. You’ll be able to step into your power and release all that is not serving you. Aya is a lightworker whose transformative journey paved the way for guiding you gently along your path.