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scientific hand analysis

Scientific Hand Analysis

What is Scientific Hand Analysis for Life Purpose?

Scientific Hand Analysis for Life Purpose is a very precise tool that promotes self-awareness, clarity, and confirmation about life direction. It helps you align with what will give your life its greatest fulfillment and sacred meaning.

The art of Scientific Hand Analysis is a modern form of ancient palmistry. It does not foretell the future or tell you how many children you will have; it is not a psychic experience. It is scientific, based in evidence-based research, and can be learned. It is about self-discovery and self-actualization: your hands reveal who you came here to be, what you came here to do, the work you came here to get done, and the challenges you came here to face.

By comparing the original imprint revealed in your fingerprints with the dynamic map of your personality and character shown in the lines and hand topography, a hand reading gives perspective on your current circumstances in relation to the bigger picture of your best life. It distinguishes itself from all forms of hand reading because it also provides a map of your psychology at a soul level – from before your were born and outside of time.

Scientific Hand Analysis has been developed and popularized by Richard Unger - Master teacher and reader of over 60,000 pairs of hands. He is the creator and director of the Institute of International Hand Analysis (1985) where he has trained over 500 people to read hands. Richard’s most significant contribution has been the deciphering of a person’s Life Purpose from the fingerprints - which are utterly unique, unalterable and were etched in your fingertips 5 months before you were born.

The Great Spirit breathes in the breath of Life and the tracks of that breath become our fingerprints.

~ Navajo saying

During your hand reading, your practitioner will help you to understand the significance of past events and current experiences and will empower you to create the life you want from who you truly are. In helping you to discover your Life Purpose, you will come to embody your reason for being – perhaps the single most important thing you can do in your life. on Facebook
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