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Chiropractic is for patients of all walks of life, from newborn babies to the elderly. Common ailments range for headaches and body pain, to digestive issues, fatigue and stress. We also see many people who have no concerns, except to maintain their health.

To understand chiropractic, we have to first understand a little about the way the body works.

When you were born, your body knew exactly what to do to keep you healthy. It knew how fast your heart should beat, how often your lungs should breathe, how you should digest your food, and a million other things about its own functions. Your body knew all this because it (and every other living thing) possesses what chiropractors call “Innate Intelligence”. This is the knowledge our bodies are born with knowledge that no school can teach!

Stress is a part of our lives in some shape or form, especially for us living an urban lifestyle.

Most people think of stress as just a mental dimension, but in a holistic model, stress is expressed in three dimensions; physical, biochemical (nutrition, and environmental toxins), and emotional/spiritual. The goal of chiropractic care is to assess the level of stress on our innate intelligence, also referred to as our nervous system.

At our office, we utilize cutting edge, non-invasive technology to assess the overall function and stress on your nervous system. From this, we determine whether or not the spine is related to the stress on your nervous system. Once there is a known correlation, the chiropractor will gently adjust the primary areas of spinal stress. on Facebook
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