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Ruby Ahn, Acupressure Bodywork Therapy/Thai Yoga Massage

Ruby uses principles and practices of Traditional Thai Massage ( Thailand certified Watpo), Acupressure (JSD Bodymind technique), Shiatsu, using principles of Yin Yoga (letting go of all muscular action) with her own Connective Tissue / Fascial unwinding technique for a uniquely powerful healing effect on the body, mind and soul. This Acupressure Bodywork Therapy has an immediate calming, pain relief effect, as well as improved structural alignment using deep, sustained pressure on acu-points. Her own experience of chronic pain and anxiety led her to a Yin Yoga practice where she discovered that by opening up the structural body via the Connective Tissue and Fascia with focused breathing, not only relieves pain, but also enhances mental clarity and emotional stability as well.

Ruby started studying Bodywork in 2012 and started her practice in 2013 working as a Poker room massage practitioner in the local casinos for Massage Minute. She has had her private practice with full body treatments since 2015. Ruby now trains in Chair Massage for Massage Minute and also is extremely fond of being a proud member of the Glow team offering full body Thai Mat and Chair sessions. Her passion is to help every unique individual reach their highest potential in health and self-expression and hopes to treat you soon!

Note: Acupressure Bodywork Therapy is performed with clothes on, so please wear comfortable clothing like yoga wear or t-shirt & sweatpants or even pajamas!

Chair Treatment: Great for targeting lower back and shoulder and neck issues. Using deep, sustained holds on acu-points to facilitate release of tissue and armoring of muscles.

30 mins. $50
45 mins. $70
60 mins. $90

Thai Mat Treatment: Deep, targeted whole body treatment using deep, sustained pressure on acu-points and Connective Tissue/Fascial unwinding. Whole body stretches that are blissfully deep and integrative. Various positions to spice up every session including side-lying, front lying, back lying and sitting. Thai abdominal massage available upon request (great for constipation!).

60 mins. $100
90 mins. $140
120 mins $180 on Facebook
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