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Laura Bradley MPCP 2014,
Steadfast Counselling

Laura Bradley is a registered Master Practitioner in Counselling Psychology (MPCP) with the Canadian Professional Counselors Association, a Certified Group Facilitator, trainer and public speaker who brings a straight forward wisdom, compassion, open mindedness and heart felt presence to her practice.

Laura has worked in the field since 1993 and she posses a wealth of experience working with Couples, individuals, and families in the areas of communication, intimacy and depression.

Since 2004, Laura has been teaching two levels of Practitioner’s training, a three- year counselling training program with Clearmind International Institute. She has developed and facilitated personal growth workshops and has considerable experience facilitating group work.

Laura is also a community trainer and educator. Her main areas of expertise are relationships, depression, anxiety, family dynamics and parenting. She has appeared on City TV, was an expert guest for C-Fun radio, and has contributed to articles in The Globe and Mail and Today's Parent in regards to post partum and parenting issues.

Welcome to Steadfast Counselling Group. We are a team of professional Counselors who are committed to supporting couples, individuals and families wanting to live a life that is more meaningful to them. We bring a variety of professional backgrounds and experience to our counselling practice while specializing in relationships, families and parenting. We have offices in North Vancouver, New Westminster and are very excited to be joining the team at Glow Wellness Centre in Yale town.

General Counselling:

We are a team of Transpersonal Systems therapists; this means that part of our counselling framework recognizes the past as an influence on the present. We see relationship dynamics rather than the individual as the source of the problem.

As Transpersonal Systems therapists, we believe that problems do not happen in isolation, but in relationship and as part of a pattern; therefore, no one person is the problem, but rather, the problem is the relationship dynamic that is created between people. This does not negate the responsibility that each individual has in creating this dynamic. Any person can change at any time and create a shift in this relationship dynamic.

We believe that creating a life of love, connection and purpose is possible and are excited about working with you to expand yourself, your relationship and your life.

Relationship Counselling:

When we feel upset in our relationship, we often seem to turn away from each other. Even though our natural instinct is to move towards each other, we tend to override it, usually based on something that has happened previously in this relationship or somewhere in our past; instead, we turn away as a means of protecting ourselves.

Being able to let our guard down and feel safe with our partner opens the door for intimacy and connection to take place. It is here, in this environment, where we can redefine the problem and start to discover the purpose of our relationship.

As Relationship Specialist, we support you to strengthen your bond as a couple. We help you to become aware of the negative cycle you may be caught in; we encourage you to learn a more loving and nurturing way of being together.

Whether you have a specific problem or are simply feeling disconnected, Couples Counseling can help.

Family/Parenting Counselling:

As individuals, our prime psychological directive in life is to be all that we can be and expand to our fullest potential; this holds true of our families as well. Our children are the greatest gift in our evolution. They will either step, or at times stomp, on the places that feel the hardest for us to deal with; that is, they give us the challenges we are reluctant to handle.

The place where we get most upset or feel unable to cope with is actually the place we most need to go towards. This journey is very important because something in the generational chain of our family is waiting to be healed. There is an opportunity in every difficulty to take another evolutionary step toward our family’s purpose. Your children will be knocking on a door, and how you respond is your choice. You are teaching your child with every interaction you are having (or not having) with them.

Family/Parenting Counselling is for families whose relationships and/or communication with each other have become strained, distant or conflicted. As Virginia Satir says, “relationships are the living links that join family members.”

Through exploring the many aspects of these relationships, you can come to an understanding of the family in which you now live, creating new vitality as you begin to experience the joy of being connected. on Facebook
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