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Gillian Laura Roberts ~ BSc, RScP, CHA

Gillian is passionate about what makes each of us unique ~ and genius. As a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner (RScP) and Certified Scientific Hand Analyst (CHA), she built her company Centre Space Spiritual Coaching on the belief that every person has a special spark inside that when revealed & empowered, can unleash some pretty passionate, tuned-in people on our planet - contributing in amazing ways. It lights her up to see this spark and to help others see it in themselves, too.

With a commitment to guiding her clients and students to experience first-hand the exciting and sacred possibilities that exist in “illuminating their unique genius & unleashing their purepower,” Gillian celebrates daily the magic of watching people come fully alive by connecting passionately with their personal awareness and creativity - and taking inspired action, on purpose.

As a coach, teacher, meditation instructor, writer and inspirational speaker, Gillian’s essential questions for you are:

  • What would your day look like today if you designed your life for big fulfillment & real meaning?
  • What special gift do you have to offer the planet that only you can give?

Discovering these answers with you is the very heart of Gillian’s work.

Gillian brings a wealth of additional experience & knowledge to serving her clients: she holds a BSc in Psychology & Linguistics and is published in Human Communications; she is a student of Science of Mind and Tibetan Buddhism, and has received specialized training in several other spiritual, human potential, and transpersonal approaches & practices. She is the co-author of the bestselling book The Thought That Changed My Life Forever and the co-owner of The Thought Publications Inc. She also loves running by her seaside home in Vancouver.

Coming Soon: To coincide with her joining Glow, Gillian is launching her new venture Purepower Enterprises Inc (watch for In the meantime, you can follow her musings on her new blog at or on Twitter @gillianlroberts.

She is very excited to be joining the extraordinary team at Glow Wellness! on Facebook
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